Weekend Things, first edition

In order to kind of build a community and chat more with those of you who read this blog, I'm going to join in with what a lot of other bloggers have been doing. "Weekend Things" will be kind of like a weekend update type deal, which is basically just where I'll tell you about all the other things I like to do in addition to baking cakes. And hopefully, if you like these things too, this will sort of be like a discussion type thing! So here we go.

1. First of all, I want to let you all know that I will be changing my blog name! Because I'm graduating at the beginning of May, and then I won't be collegiate anymore (sad :/ ). I've decided on Beth Cakes because that's what all my friends call my crazy cakes. I'm not 100% sure if I can do this on Blogger after I've purchased the domain for collegiatebaker.com, but we'll see! I just want everyone to know that I'm changing the blog name so there isn't any confusion!

2. Because this is my last semester of college, (Yay?) I've been pretty busy with school work. But thankfully I haven't had much homework and things this past week so I had some super fun adventures with my friends this weekend. Like yesterday we went to DCAF, the Druid City Arts Festival that's in downtown Tuscaloosa each spring. In the picture above, you can see the tall gazebo thing, which is where different bands play all day long, and surrounding it are tents and tents and tents of art, jewelry, clothes, accessories, and things like that. We walked around and looked at everything and then sprawled out on the grass and listened to music.  

3. On Friday I made a ridiculous Oreo cake that I cannot wait to share with you. 

4. What tv shows are you into right now? The only shows currently on tv that I follow are Once Upon a Time and Revolution. Revolution is dragging a little bit, but I'm mainly just watching because I want the main girl and the guy to get together. That is all. It's the only thing that motivates me to watch it. And then Once Upon A Time is magical and I love it. I got into The Walking Dead a few weeks ago, which is weird because usually I hate that kind of stuff, but I love the story behind it. The finale was last weekend, and while I was happy with the episode's ending, the whole "war" between the governor and the prison group kind of let me down. 

5. Have you seen any good movies recently? I love watching movies in theaters, but the last two I saw (that new Wizard of Oz movie and The Host) were only okay. The Host was better than Twilight, but it also dragged a little. The Oz movie was nothing like I thought it would be and I'm still a little conflicted about it. Like, it was a kids movie, but Mila Kunis was about to fall out of the top of her dress the whole time? It was weird.

6. What kind of music are you currently listening to? I'm always looking for new music! Right now I'm really into Imagine Dragons ("Radioactive" and "Demons" are my faves) and Of Monsters and Men.

7. Next weekend UA is having it's third annual muggle quidditch tournament. This might sound silly, but it totally isn't. If you've never seen people running around with brooms between their legs and playing a sport at the same time you need to Youtube it right now because it's fantastic. My friends and I were team Djibouti  last year (you know, because in quidditch you represent a country), and this year we're team Russia. I'm super pumped because I kind of made myself team captain I'm team captain! We made team shirts yesterday and I'm thinking about doing a DIY post on the method we used. Black tshirt + stencil/duct tape + bleach. It looks really cool when it turns out right. I made a Hunger Games shirt like this for the movie premiere with the mockingjay symbol on the front and it kind of looked like it was on fire. For the back of my team shirt I made a deathly hallows symbol and the quote "constant vigilance" (Madeye, book 4) and I'm super pleased with how it turned out. Except I have to make it over because I was supposed to put a number there instead of the deathly hallows symbol. You know, like a jersey number? But yeah. All this is happening next weekend, so I'll keep you updated. I know you're as excited about it as I am. ;) 

8. I've been thinking about adding another series, or maybe just to this one, and doing some covers of "sweet" songs. I have a guitar and I don't play it that often, but I want to be really good at it. But I also don't want the videos to be just like all the other cover videos on Youtube. I don't want it to obviously be me recording myself singing and crappily playing my guitar in my bedroom or something. But I've been thinking about. Thoughts?

9. I've ALSO been thinking about adding another section to this blog to showcase poems and other forms of writing. I mean, really I just want to start my own food-themed literary journal, but I have no idea how to go about doing that. So I thought I could start accepting poetry/prose/fiction/nonfiction submissions and posting them on here every now and then just to see how it goes. If you're looking for a good food-themed journal, check out Alimentum. That's kind of what I want to do, but start my own. 

That's all for now! If you feel like leaving a comment, you totally should. :)


  1. Congrats on graduating this semester! I've been wondering what you were going to do when you were no longer "collegiate," and I think that the new name is totally appropriate! It's great that you're going to be keeping this up after you're done at school. I always enjoy looking at the fun things you create and I keep telling myself that one day I'll actually have all the ingredients on hand to make some of the recipes you do.
    Also, I think it's really neat that you talked about some of the activities that go on around Tuscaloosa. It certainly seems a lot more interesting than the stuff UAB comes up with.
    Anyway, look forward to seeing more from you, and good luck with the rest of your semester!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Lindsay! I definitely plan on continuing this blog and writing about all the other things I'm into. I hope the rest of your semester goes well and hopefully I'll be able to see you sometime soon! :)

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