Weekend Things 4/14

1. I'm not sure what you did tonight, but hopefully you didn't watch the MTV Movie Awards because it was terrible. I love watching awards shows because for some reason I need to know what celebrities are like in semi-real-life when they aren't playing a character. I don't know if the person who wrote the lines was at fault or what, but I thought people who act for a living would be able to speak better in front of people. Maybe it was just an off night. I don't know. I was embarrassed for many of them, but not Emma Watson. She totally deserved her award. Also I was really excited for The Avengers cast! 

2. And speaking of things at the MTV Movie Awards that weren't awful -- ummm, did you see the Catching Fire teaser trailer!? :D

 3. I made Butterbeer cupcakes today because UA's muggle quidditch tournament starts tomorrow! My team plays on Wednesday, and it's supposed to rain. So it should be interesting fun. I've made butterbeer cupcakes before, but they were adapted from a box mix and I wasn't 100% happy with them. I feel like I've learned more about baking and how ingredients work together since then, so I gave it another shot. I bought butterscotch schnapps for these, which was good for me because I am awkward in liquor stores. I'm a college senior, but I'm short and can pass as a freshman, so the employees always give me weird looks. But it was a successful trip and the cupcakes turned out wonderfully too! Can't wait to share them with you!

4. I will not be sharing the Butterbeer cake pops I made before the Butterbeer cupcakes, though. My mom gave me a cake pops pan with my Easter Basket, and I really wanted to try it out. It's not the usual way of making cake pops, you know, the Bakerella way. You just pour the batter into the mold and it bakes in a spherical shape. That part was actually pretty cool, and the cake balls turned out really well! I just realized that I'm terrible at decorating them. Like, my friend Lindsey was hanging out with me and I was embarrassed. I think it was maybe the butterscotch candy coating I was using, but they were so ugly. They tasted so good, they were just hideous. I think I just need more practice.

5. Just to keep you updated and informed, I am still planning on changing my blog name to BethCakes. So look out for updates on that! I've also decided to switch this blog to WordPress. It's probably going to be really annoying when I actually start to set it up and transfer everything, but I think it's going to be worth it. I'm planning on using this blog for a little while after the switch, just to get the word out. I'll probably just post a picture and a short paragraph with a link to the whole post on the WordPress site. But look out for more updates!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I like this new series you are doing. While you may be a little on the "short" side, I prefer to use the term "petite". :)

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