Oreo Ice Box Cakes

Happy Spring Break! And early Easter! I made some snacks for you.

I wasn't sure I would get a new post up this week, but I haven't written one in forever! Honestly, this was the first time I've baked anything in forever. But it was super easy and fast because it actually doesn't require any baking. And it's extremely addictive. I mean, Oreos are involved, so that's probably pretty self-explanatory.

What really inspired these little bite sized dirt cakes were the gummy carrots on top. I saw them at Target, which is pretty good at having only cute things that I want to buy, and I really wanted to use them as a decoration for some kind of Easter dessert. I had this idea of a carrot and a tiny chocolate bunny on top of cupcakes or something. But then I made these Oreo things and, well, they're kind of small. So I alternated carrots and bunnies.

I guess I'm calling these Oreo Ice Box Cakes because ice box cakes are usually made of graham crackers or similar wafer cookies and layers of pudding. After they sit in the refrigerator over night, the graham crackers get soft and cake-like. The same thing happens with Oreo Dirt Cake. The Oreos get all soft and somehow better than they were before. So these are kind of like ice box cakes, but Oreo-sized.

oreo ice box cakes
adapted from my Oreo Dirt Cake recipe

1 3oz package of instant chocolate pudding
1 3/4 cups chocolate milk
1/4 stick butter, room temperature
4 oz cream cheese (half an 8oz package)
1/2 cup powdered sugar
3/4 cup Cool Whip
20oz package of Oreos (any kind)

1. In one bowl, combine pudding mix and chocolate milk until whisk until smooth. Place in the refrigerator.
2. In another sized bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer, cream butter and cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Add powdered sugar and mix until incorporated.
3. Add cream cheese mixture and Cool Whip to the bowl of pudding. Mix until completely combined.
4. Transfer some pudding (you won't need all of it) to a Ziploc bag and snip one of the corners off.
5. Open an Oreo and pipe some pudding onto one side. (I piped onto the side with the filling, but because of that, the pudding didn't touch it and it didn't get soft. So I suggest piping onto the side without the filling.) Place the other side on top of the pudding layer (filling side down). Pipe more pudding on top of that and repeat with a second Oreo. Top with more pudding.
6. Place the Oreo cakes in some kind of container with a lid. You might need multiple containers. If you don't have anything like this, you can just place them all on a tray and then in the fridge. A lid will just keep them from drying out or having a stale texture.
7. Leave the Oreo cakes in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, add the toppings and decorations. I added some edible Easter grass, also from Target.

Super easy! It's also super easy to eat multiple Oreo ice box cakes in one sitting, but they're small, right? So it's okay. I give you permission. :)


  1. Beth these are sooo cute!! I loved dirt cups growing up and these are perfect for Spring :D

    Enjoy your Spring Break!

  2. These are just another in you collection of tasty treats. Very creative.

  3. What an easy and clever idea! They were delicious too! I really like the fact hey are "no bake" which means you could easily adapt them for summer.

    1. Thanks! And yes, I think these could be the perfect summer treat!

  4. Yum I love the sound of these, they look so cute too!