Red Velvet Oreo Poke Cake & Cupcakes

I wanted to make this red velvet poke cake for several reasons. First of all, it's a poke cake. Cake with holes all in it and covered in pudding? Um, YES. Second, it's red velvet. My favorite. Third, it's easy to make red velvet cakes look Christmasy. And fourth, I wanted to make something for the very nice ladies my dad works with because they read my blog and leave me comments!

I've been blogging for almost two years, and sometimes I still get discouraged about it. Not discouraged enough to quit, but sometimes I can't help but think about where I wanted my blog to be by now. The biggest problem is just that sometimes, because of the whole college thing, you know...classes, homework, clubs and honor societies, a job, and a social life...This blog has to take the backseat when other important things are going on in my life.

I also have to remind myself that even though the only people who usually comment on this blog are my parents and my family members (which I really appreciate!), other people do read it. People tell me all the time that they read my blog, so I think it must just seem like a weird thing to comment on it. Like, maybe people don't know if they should or if I'd want them to.

But just for future reference, I totally want you to! :) And thanks to everyone who does leave me comments and things. I really appreciate it. And that's why I wanted to make something for the nice ladies at my dad's work.

I've seen red velvet poke cakes on Pinterest a billion times. I think The Country Cook's recipe was the first one I saw. I wanted to make my own version of it somehow, and if you've followed this blog at all, you know about my Oreo obsession. And about how I like to put Oreos inside baked goods, not just on top. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use the Candy Cane Oreos that are in stores right now!

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Red Velvet & Candy Cane Oreo Poke Cake & Cupcakes

I followed the instructions on The Country Cook's Red Velvet Poke Cake blog post.

  • She used a red velvet box mix, and I used a box mix too.
  • Or you can use your favorite from scratch recipe. I like Bakerella's.

2 packages Candy Cane Oreos

  • One package is for the cake. I cut all the Oreos into four or six pieces using a sharp knife. It didn't take too long, but you could put the package in a Ziploc bag and crush them up with a hammer, a rolling pin, or something similar. I just wanted the Oreos to be in chunks.
  • Once you make the red velvet cake batter, stir in the Oreo chunks. Then bake according to The Country Cook's directions.
  • The second package of Oreos will be used for the garnish. I used about two rows and crushed them up into crumbs. To crush them, I used a Pampered Chef chopping thing my mom has, otherwise I probably would have used the Ziploc-bag-and-hammer combination.
  • You can crush up the last row of Oreos too if you want, or you can eat them. ;)

For the Cheesecake Pudding

  • The Country Cook uses two packages of cheesecake pudding.
  • I accidentally only bought one and it worked out fine. There was plenty to go in the holes of the cake and some to spread on top.
  • You can certainly use two packages if you want. It would probably be better with all that extra pudding on top of the cake.

Once my cake was done, I poked holes in it with a wooden spoon, poured the pudding over it, made sure to get it in the holes, and then put it in the fridge over night. The next day, I covered it in Cool Whip, crushed Oreos, and Christmas sprinkles.

When I was pouring the batter in a 9x13 inch pan, I filled it half way, maybe a little bit more. There was some cake batter left, so I decided to make some mini poke cakes in cupcake form! I think they're so cute. And I knew I wasn't going to be eating any of the poke cake since it was a gift, and I kind of wanted to try it. ;)

The ladies my dad works with told him the cake was good, and I'm so glad they liked it! I loved the little cupcake version I had. I love anything red velvet, but the cheesecake pudding and the fluffy Cool Whip made it so much better. Sometimes I forget that you can put other things on top of cupcakes besides frosting. And the Oreos were nice and soft. I know Christmas is only a couple of days away, but if you get the chance (it doesn't have to be a Christmas version), you should give this poke cake a try!


  1. Beth, they were so pleased to get one of your desserts. Afterwards, the commented on how good the poke cake was (I had never heard of such a thing). Thanks for making it!

  2. woot I did it! your sweets always shine, and that's not just due to the delicious sugar.
    -Jesse L

    1. Yay, I'm glad it finally worked! Thanks for such a nice comment! :)

  3. We all at riverchase LOVED!!! the cake. There was not one bite left. Thank you so much.
    The flavors were so nice together. It was a very tasty treat.
    It was very nice to meet you. Hopeful we can get to try some of your other delicious treats.

  4. This was so yummy! Delish and pretty!

  5. This was so yummy and pretty!

  6. Mmm delish! Love anything with oreos!

  7. So glad I found your recipe! My mom-in-law made this cake not too long ago, and it was so tasty!
    I'll make a valentine's version for tomorrow. I'm thinking cupcakes for the office.
    FYI...cool whip makes a yummy icing! I think it's new.