Newspaper Cake (DIY Edible Newspaper)

My friend Luke is a pretty cool guy. He's really into creative writing, like me, and is partially responsible for my new obsession with food and recipe poems. He's also really into erasures, or black-out poetry. For example, he'll pick up our school newspaper on campus, choose an article, and color over all the words except for a few, and the few remaining words create a new story or poem. Anyway, Luke's really good at it. At his apartment, there's a wall where we all hang up our poems, black-out poems, and other kinds of art work. It's so fun. :)

Unfortunately, this will be Luke's last semester here. He's moving back home and going to a school there. All my friends and I are super bummed he's leaving, and this past weekend we threw him a going away party. We each wrote him a note and put it in a little box for him to keep. Luke's birthday is the week after finals end, and he might be back home at that point, so we also made the going away party a birthday party. So, of course, I had to made him a cake.

I wanted this cake to be really awesome. Not because I wanted everyone else to think the cake was awesome, but because Luke really deserved it. He's such a nice, friendly, and upbeat kind of guy, even though he's been through some tough things. When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he said funfetti, which totally fits his personality. But I knew it needed to be more than that.

I really didn't think I was going to be able to pull off this edible newspaper, but it worked! You really only need two things to make it: sugar sheets and edible ink markers. And I got both of them at Michael's.

For the cake, I used Sweetapolita's homemade funfetti cake recipe. I've never made a funfetti cake from scratch and considered using a box mix, but I really wanted this cake to be 100% homemade.

I used the chocolate frosting recipe from my Triple Chocolate Cake post. I used chocolate milk in that frosting, but I used regular milk for this cake.

To make the newspaper, you'll need two packages of sugar sheets. Unfortunately, there's only one sheet per package. I had originally decided to buy two sheets in case I messed one up, which was very likely, but it turned out better than I expected. So I used both sheets so the newspaper would look like it had more pages when I folded it in half.

I only drew on the top half of one sheet because I wasn't sure how long the edible ink markers would last. Each time I finished a column on the "newspaper" I folded the sheet to make sure it was long enough.

Don't fold the sheets all the way, though! The sheets will break along the crease. I wish I had known that before I folded them. I would have rolled up some parchment paper or something to keep it from laying completely flat.

Luke seemed to really enjoy his cake, and I hope he really did. On the left column of thenews paper, I wrote some quotes so he will know how much we'll miss him. For the middle column, I drew a picture of a Christmas tree because the weekend before, all my friends I had pitched in to buy one and we decorated it with all homemade ornaments. And on the right column, I wished him a happy birthday and that I was sad we all weren't going to be celebrating it on his actual birthday with him.


  1. This is both sweet and really cool all at the same time. And the cake no doubt tasted great. You all should really try to keep in touch with Luke.

  2. Well I put in my order for a BBJ cake! We will be 30 years old next year so get planning! I want a BBJ cake!

  3. Thanks for the post! I'm attempting to make a version of this cake for my editor (I work for a small newspaper) who just resigned to take a new position. I couldn't find a practical way to make a decent newspaper cake until I saw this. I went out and got the materials from Michael's, so hopefully it will work! :-)

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