Easter Basket Cake (Round 2)

My oven runs 20 degrees hotter than it's supposed to. It's annoying sometimes, but it's not that big of a deal to turn it down 20 degrees each time I bake. Except I think it's getting worse because the hardest part of making this cake was getting it cook all the way through without burning the bottom and sides. I've mentioned it to my landlord before, but he just doesn't understand how important cakes are, you know?

Last year for Easter, I made this Easter Basket cake. That post has been getting a lot of views this month from Google searches, so I decided to make another one, but better. Instead of a cake with KitKats around it that kind of looks like a basket with Easter themed M&Ms poured on top (which was fastastic, by the way), why not make it look more like an actual Easter basket?

Easter Basket Cake

I can't tell you how easy it is to make this basket cake. You make a cake, frost it, and stick the KitKats around the outside. Originally, I'd planned on making a white chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting. I don't really know why since I gave up chocolate for Lent. I guess it's a good thing my oven burnt it and didn't cook it all the way through so I had to make another one. I was pressed for time at this point and just used a box funfetti mix and vanilla frosting.

When my mom and I spotted this edible Easter grass at Target, that's when I started getting ideas for this cake. Edible Easter grass? I didn't even know they made such a thing, but it comes in multiple colors and flavors. I went with green apple.

If the hardest part of making this cake was dealing with my oven, the second hardest part was making the fondont handle. This was the first time I've worked with fondont. That makes me more professional, right? I like to think so! The issue wasn't really the fondont, it was not knowing what to use to make the handle. I ended up taping some strips of cardboard together (It wasn't real cardboard, it was actually from a gift box from Belk), and then wrapping strips of fondont around it. I stuck toothpicks in each end of the handle and attached it to the cake. The toothpicks were a little short though, and the handle was pretty unstable. So I recommend using something longer than regular toothpicks.

Next came the candy. I think it's important to use lightweight candies or packages so they won't weigh down on the cake. I bought a couple of Reese's eggs because Reese's are my favorite. Which doesn't really matter because of the whole giving-up-chocolate thing. I felt like a chocolate bunny, Peeps, and Cadbury eggs were absolutely necessary. Also, empty Easter egg shells are perfect decorations for this cake. I didn't think about using them until I saw a whole row of them at the store on my way to check out and then I couldn't decide which colors to get. 

When I told my friends I was making this cake, they got really excited and I couldn't wait for them to see it. I was planning on coming home today, so I encouraged them to eat a lot of cake, candy, and edible grass, which they enjoyed more than I thought they would! While we ate cake, we played a board game called Ticket to Ride. Have you heard of this? I never had, but it was left at my apartment for a week before we played it. It's about trains and Germany. It's a lot more fun than it sounds, I promise. You should try it out. I didn't think I was one for board games, but my friends continue to prove me wrong. I'm really lucky to have them. I don't know if I would have made it this far with this blog without all of the supportive and encouraging people in my life. So thanks, guys. :)

Today's Honors Day and we didn't have class, so this morning I headed home for the weekend. Round 2 of the Hunger Games happened (finally) and got to eat Mexican food for dinner. It's been a good weekend so far.

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!

Easter Basket Cake


  1. Who wouldn't want a yummy cake with KitKat bars all around and even more candy on top!?

    Thanks for bringing some of it home so I could sample it. Excellent.

  2. Just beautiful, Beth! -Cousin Susan

  3. Outstanding! Such a visual treat. I know it was yummy.

  4. So pretty! And so easy, anyone could do this!

  5. How many packs of kit kats did it take? I just today saw this grass at target and had the same idea (also to use white bars)