Valentine's Day Surprise Cupcakes

I've been thinking a lot about different kinds of baked goods to make for Valentine's Day and I experimented with these last week. I originally got the idea from Pinterest, of course, when I saw this post about putting Hershey kisses in cupcakes. I thought Hershey kisses would sink, but this post says to bake the cupcakes for 5 minutes, take them out, put the kisses in them, and then put them back in the oven. This is why I love Pinterest.

These cupcakes will be amazing no matter what cupcake-frosting combination you decide on, but I decided to keep it simple with a yellow cake and chocolate frosting.

Betty Crocker's Creamy Chocolate Frosting

I added some pink food coloring to the yellow cake mix, and instead of regular Hershey kisses, I chose Hershey's hugs. (I took these cupcakes to a meeting and was surprised that many of the people there didn't know about Hershey's hugs.) It took me a long time to make up my mind, though. There were Hershey kisses with caramel inside, raspberry filling, almonds...it was hard to make a decision. But I saw the hugs on the bottom shelf and had to have them.

Remember to set a timer for 5 minutes. Then add your Hershey's kisses of choice. They should stick out of the top a little bit, but the batter will rise some and cover it up.

I tested one of the cupcakes when they were cool enough, you know...because I have to, and the hugs weren't a melty blob like I thought they'd be. They were soft, though, which I think is better. Then they did this weird thing and sort of hollowed out around the hugs. Not exactly what I was expecting, but still. They were really good.

Also, I really love the sprinkles. It's something about the colors. Like how the white hearts stand out from the chocolate hearts and the red and pink sprinkles.

Like I mentioned earlier, I took some of them to a meeting so there wouldn't be batch of cupcakes sitting in my apartment for a week and being wasted. And I got some really positive feedback! Then I took the rest of them home the next day and got the same reaction from my family. I'd like to try these cupcakes with some of the other Hershey's kisses, especially the caramel ones. :)


  1. These cupcakes were very good - more dense than normal, maybe a result of taking them out after five minutes?

    Everyone loved them, so I think this method is a keeper for future use. :)

  2. These were really tasty and the surprise "treat" inside was delicious!

  3. I love the photography of these cupcakes. So glad you had enough to bring over to BB's. They were especially tasty!

  4. I'm making these for my boyfriend for Valentine's!!! Thanks Collegiate Baker!

  5. So many great ideas! Everything looks so appetizing!Can’t wait to try it!
    Thank You.