Owl Cake

I'm in love with Pinterest and my roommate, Lizz, loves owls, so when I saw a tutorial for how to make an owl cake on Pinterest, I knew exactly what I was doing for her birthday cake.

The tutorial tells you how to make an owl out of two circle cakes.

You leave one circle whole and then you cut out all the other pieces from the second circle. In the tutorial suggests that you draw it out on parchment paper and lay it across the top of the cake so you know you're cutting it out right, but normally when it comes to these things, I just wing it.

First I cut out the head, which left a little less than half the circle. Then the wings were next. The feet and little ears were pretty easy after that and I had a tiny bit left over.

I made this cake during finals week, and originally I set aside what I thought was enough time to make and decorate it. Lizz loves red velvet (everyone should love red velvet cake) so I decided to make one from scratch. But once again, the crappy oven in our apartment completely burned the bottom of the first cake. On a whim, I cut into it and the middle wasn't even done. I made the cake a second time and it burned it again even after I adjusted the tempterature and how long I kept it in the oven.

But I was determined.

So the next morning I ran to the store and bought a box mix because I still had to study and take a final. I got to the store and Publix didn't even have a red velvet cake mix, so I just had to go with chocolate. The weird thing is, the oven didn't burn this one. I have no idea what happened, but it finally worked. It would have been perfect if I'd had a red velvet mix, but it all worked out.

Third time's the charm! I really love how it turned out, especially with the clear sparkly sprinkles. It kind of reminded me of snow.

Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures of this cake, but it was a big hit! Lizz really liked it and I was very relieved. I just really wanted to make an owl cake for her and I was not about to give up on it. :)

Lizz had a 1920s gangster/mob themed murder mystery party at her boyfriend Patrick's apartment and it was soo much fun. Seriously the best birthday party I've been to in awhile. We each had a character card and randomly someone would pretend to get murdered and we walk into a room and hear a scream. There was an investigator and all these different love affairs. With all of our friends, it was hilarious.

So I hope you had a really great birthday, Lizz! I'm glad you liked the cake!


  1. You did a great job decorating this cake. Very cute!

  2. YUM and CUTE! All I have to say....

  3. What a great cake! Amazing and I am sure just yummy!

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