The Perfect College Cupcakes

I originally started this blog because I love to bake and I bake a lot.  Then I started thinking about how I could make it different and stand out from all the other millions of baking blogs on the internet these days.  So I thought I could write about baking in college and how to make it easy for people like me who started off trying to bake in their dorm rooms.

So this post is about how to make the easiest cupcakes ever.  And I mean easy.  They're easy to make and easy to clean up. 

All you really need is a baking sheet and foil cupcake liners.

I discovered these foil liners over the summer and was surprised that the directions said to just place them on a baking sheet and not in a cupcake pan.  But I tried them, and they worked perfectly!

I made these for my friend's birthday last week.  I made the Oreo cupcakes again because the first time I made them was over the summer and none of my friends got to try them.  I wanted to make them again because I knew they'd freak out, which they did.  It was so funny, I wish I would have gotten on it on video!

You don't have to put anything on the pan, no oil or non-stick spray.  So when it's done and cooled, you just put it back where your pans go.  So all you'll have to clean is the bowl you made the batter in.

Then get some icing like this.  Get the kind in the bottle because they come with 4 different decorating tips.  You can spread the icing in a can with a knife or spoon.  Then you can use the bottle icing to decorate the cupcakes however you want!

Ta da!  Then you're done.  You've made super cute cupcakes and all you have to clean up is the batter bowl and maybe a spoon. 

Top picture: Jacob, Wes, and Josh


  1. These look so easy, maybe I could even make some. :)

  2. These cupcakes are (were)AWESOME!!! Thanks!

  3. Too cute! Looks like they liked it!