Tagalong Surprise Cupcakes

I wonder what kind of cupcakes I could make with these. (:

I meant to post this earlier in the week, and I was going to say that I've been busy, but that would be a lie.

Last weekend we had some really good family friends over for dinner.  My mom and I were getting dinner ready when it started storming and the power went out.  And about a minute later, our friends pulled into our driveway.  We ended up hanging out on our screened-in back porch for a little while, and then ate dinner by candle light.  It was actually kind of nice!  Then almost as soon as we were done with dinner, the power came back on.

And then we had dessert!

These cupcakes were soo good.  I think they were better than the Oreo ones, even though those are still my favorites. 

I made these cupcakes exactly like the Oreo cupcakes.  Half of them have Tagalong cookies in them and the other half have Reese's peanut butter cups in them.  I made the Reese's one a little differently though.  I filled the cupcake pan up all the way, then sat a Reese's cup on top, and pushed it down slightly into the batter.  While they were baking, they sank all the way to the bottom of the pan and stuck to the foil liners.  They still tasted good, though!

The Tagoalong cupcakes were amazing, though.  I will definitely be making these again for my friends when we all get back to school!

The Collegiate Baker
It's kind of hard to see the cookie, but it's in there.  They were the Walmart brand of Tagalongs, so they look a little different, but they taste the same.

I've been looking for a good cupcake carrier for when my mom takes all the leftover cupcakes and things to work.  And just because I didn't have anything to transport them in at all.  My mom found this really awesome collapsible, two-level carrier.  I know what you're thinking.  A collapsible, two-level carrier!?  Yeah, super cool.


  1. I can't decide what was better, the cake pops or the tag-a-long cupcakes! Both were just as good as anything I've ever had store bought.

  2. No matter they sank to the bottom, they were still the best cupcakes ever.

  3. Just glad I'm looking at these yummy treats from here! Trying to lose a few pounds :). Just beautiful.

  4. Those Tagalong cupcakes were delicious! That whole night was fun =)

  5. Woohoo! Lindsay, I'm glad you had fun! (:

  6. Those look scrumptious! Will have to do some fun baking experiments involving cupcakes when I visit. Love the cupcake carrier.