Oreo Brownies and an Oreo Cake

As you can see, I love Oreos.

I wanted to make these after my dad sent me this link.  We had some family over last weekend and my mom asked me what we should have for dessert, and I just knew I needed to make these.  I've been baking brownies with my mom since I was a little girl, and people would always ask us for the recipe.  The truth is, it's just the recipe on the back of the box! They're super easy to make and it takes a few extra minutes to chop up some Oreos and toss them in.

My family was in town for my grandfather's 82nd birthday! So I made him a cake and used the Oreos I had left over from the brownies.  I've made an Oreo cake before, and it's soooo good.  The Oreos become soft when you bake them so they're almost like the actual cake.

The only problem with this cake was that it was a little underdone in the center, but it wasn't too underdone.  Still very tasty!


  1. Both the cake and the brownies were great, but what I was impressed the most was the decoration on the cake. Very well done.

  2. I read this today while I got a pedicure! Very beautiful cake!