The Cupcake Cake

I wanted to bake something this week because I hadn't baked in a while and the people at my mom's work were asking about it. :)  I bought this giant cupcake pan set from Ross Dress for Less (you'd think I'd know by now) and decided to use it. 

It worked better than I thought it would!  I had to guess on the bake time, though.  I just kept periodically checking it.  And I think it turned out nicely!

I'd planned on putting a lot of sprinkles on it, but I think I made my icing too think or something.  I tried to put the sprinkles on right after I finished spreading the buttercream icing, but they rolled right off.  So I started sticking them on a few at a time, but that got really boring.  I kind of like it, though.

Unfortunately, my mom's coworkers ate all of it.  I was sort of hoping there'd be left overs. :)


  1. I didn't get any of this :( But the idea is very creative and you did a good job with the icing.

  2. My Office LOVED it! They ask for Beth's baked goods! They will sorely miss her when she heads back to college....

  3. I'm gonna need for you to make me something like this and send it to me, asap. (:

  4. Don't worry, I will be making this in Tuscaloosa for sure and you are more than welcome to have some! (: