The CakeShake

Last week my roommate, Lizz, had her wisdom teeth taken out, and usually that means eating a lot of ice cream. I could have gotten a little thing of ice cream at the store, which I did, but I decided to make it a little bit more fun.

I have some friends at school that are always making their own dessert masterpieces from the desserts available at the dining halls on campus. For example, they'll get a cupcake, a bowl of soft-serve ice cream, and mix the cupcake (icing and all, of course) into the ice cream.

Well, that inspired me.

So I took this (a piece of cake from my Cupcake Cake in my last blog post):

And some of this:

And mixed it all up.

I knew I wanted to put it in a clear cup, so I set off on a quest.  After exploring all the cabinets and the deepest and darkest corners of the topmost shelves, I found it.  I picked it up and knew immediately that I had to use it because...it's a light-up cup.

It's hard to see in the picture, but please note that it says, "Disco Fever".  I have no idea where this cup came from or how long it was trapped in the cabinet over the refrigerator (where all the lost cups eventually end up since nobody can ever reach those cabinets), but I'm glad I rescued it.

So I poured in the CakeShake and topped it off with some whipped cream and a bendy straw.  I didn't think about how I was going to transport it until I got in the car, but I just drove extra carefully. 

It tasted just like cake!  I know because I tried it before I took it to my roommate.  But I'm really glad she liked it!  Hopefully it made her post-wisdom-teeth-removal days a little better :)


  1. Mmmm...sounds wonderful. I had a pie shake at Johnny Rocket burgers once. Apple pie mixed in with vanilla ice cream. Exceptional. I'm sure yours was as well. :D

  2. So that's what was in the shake! Sooo yummy :D I think it helped me heal faster ;)

  3. Well good! I hope it did! :D

  4. That cup came from some business event I went to (believe it or not!). I'm so glad it helped to entertain and help the pain of your sweet roomie, Lizz! I'm sure it was delicious and you need to create a version we can use to celebrate our wins after football games this fall.