4th of July Firework Cake

The first thing I have to say is that I learned a few things when I made this cake.

First of all, I learned that I should buy the "no taste" food coloring.  I wanted to color the frosting red and blue and I'm not sure what happened.  The blue icing tasted fine, but when I tasted the red icing, it was disgusting.  So I bought some of the "no taste" kind and had to make the red icing over.  Thankfully, it worked out the second time.

Second, I ran into an issue with my circle pans.  I have seen so many cakes with the flag on the inside and I wanted to try it, but do it differently.  Nothing too fancy.  I wanted to use my checkerboard cake pans, and just leave the bottom layer red, the middle layer white, and use the checkerboard thingy for the top layer.  Instead of making the top layer checkerboard patterned, I just made the outer layer blue and the inner two layers red.  Unfortunately, when I got out the 3 circle pans that came with my checkerboard cake set, the bottom two had rust spots all over them.  The top pan was fine though.  So I had to use two different pans for the bottom two layers, but I still used the one-okay-pan so I could use the checkerboard thingy for the top layer.  The layers all ended up being different sizes even though they were all 8" pans.  And my blue square was way too small.  But I guess that's what I get for buying a checkerboard cake set from a Ross: Dress for Less.  I'll have to do it the hard way next time.

Anyway, it still tasted good!  And that's what counts, right?


  1. This sounds like some of my woodworking lessions, "I should have done it..."

    What I liked best about this cake is that you worked at your creation for hours and it tasted wonderful. The icing which there was plenty of wasn't too sweet - it was just right.

    Very tasty.

  2. It was really good, equal to the Oreo cake!

  3. Beth ... can you freeze some of that and save it for me when I come down? I could really use a piece of that right now with a piping hot cup of coffee to get through my afternoon at work.

  4. LOL Jane! And Beth, you are just too smart to taste the frosting first. What a stunning cake!