Finally! I Made Cake Pops!

Sometimes the third time isn't the charm.  Sometimes it's the fourth time. 

The Collegiate Baker

I have wanted to make these ever since I came across Bakerella's Website (where you can look at her cake pop recipe), and I've attempted it a few times.  But they all failed miserably.  Well, maybe not miserably because they still tasted good, they were just ugly. :D

I think the problem was that I was trying to make cake balls and every time I tried to dip them in chocolate, they just all fell apart or got messed up when I tried to slide them off the spoon and onto the cookie sheet.  So I thought making cake pops would be easier since they're on a stick and they would be easier to dip.

Using a whole box of cake mix makes about 48 cake pops, and I didn't want to make that many so I cut the recipe into thirds.  I think I probably used too much water or oil though because the cake was kind of mushy when I took it out of the oven.  I even put it back in and baked it for a few more minutes.

My cake recipe looked something like this:
1 cup of cake mix (There are about 3 cups in a box)
1 egg
A little less than half a cup of water
A third of 1/3 cup of oil

So, as you can see, it was a lot of guessing.  But now I know to use less water and oil next time I make them and I use a third of the box.

Also I learned that you should let the chocolate almost dry completely before adding the sprinkles because they'll just slide off.

I'm really excited about how these turned out.  I expected there to be a few casualties, but thankfully there was only one!  I guess this one just really wanted to be a cake ball and not a cake pop.

I was going to send these to work with my mom (you know, so we don't eat them all), but for some reason she decided that she didn't mind leaving these at home.  And I was okay with that because they're really really good.  I know because I'm eating one right now. :D

The Collegiate Baker


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about them being moist because that is a good thing really. These were perfect - the one I had (trying to watch my figure) melted in my mouth!

  2. Just love that last photo ❤

  3. Not just saying this, but these were some of the best things I've eaten in a long time!

  4. These look amazing! Love your pictures and your blog. Keep it up!