Cake in a Flower Pot

I did a lot of baking over the weekend!  Saturday, my mom and I went to my grandparents' house for lunch and I decided to bring them some mini-cupcakes.  And a few normal sized ones.  I put them in a cardboard box lid to transport them, and unfortunately, they all fell over in the car.  They were literally upside down when we got there.  But they still tasted good, and fortunately, I got some pictures of them before they got all messed up.

These were my favorite!

The Collegiate Baker

Next, you should take a look at this blog post by I Am Baker because she baked cakes in flower pots!  My mom and I were at Michaels and saw these really cute flower pots and I realized they were the same flower pots as the ones I Am Baker used in her blog post!  I decided to give it a try because I had never heard of baking cake in a flower pot before.  It turned out nicely. (:

After I washed and Pam-sprayed the flower pot, I filled it 2/3 full of cake batter.  I Am Baker's post said to bake it for 35ish minutes, but I kept taking it out, checking it, and putting it back in the oven for a good 10 minutes after that. 

I Am Baker made this cute flower thing out of marshmallows, but I had some extra mini cupcakes left over.  I put them on sticks and attempted to dip them in chocolate to make them look like cake pops, but the stick kept going right through the cupcake when I tried to push them into the chocolate.  So making actual cake balls would probably be better.  I ended up dipping only the tops of my last few cupcakes in the chocolate and covering them in sprinkles.

Then we took this to my other grandmother's house yesterday!  The cake tasted great and the cupcake-pop-things tasted good even though they didn't look the way I wanted them to. (:


  1. This is probably a bad idea! Ceramics that are approved for food use in the US are generally tested for toxic substances, particularly lead. However, ceramic items like flower pots are not approved for food use, not tested, and therefore they quite possibly can contain harmful amounts of lead which could leach into certain kinds of food.

  2. Anonymous- I also wondered if it was safe to bake in this flower pot, but I looked at I am Baker's blog post and the comments she got to see if anyone asked her about it. I saw this comment and figured it was safe:

    "...Generally the fear is that lead from glaze will leach onto food... but in my research I found that new pottery sold today in the United States is generally assumed to be safe from lead. Its not recommended to eat from old pottery or eat from pottery while traveling in other countries. Thanks for taking the time to inquir eand have a wonderful day! :)"

    I understand your concern, though. I looked into it before I baked anything in this pot. (:

  3. I'd still be careful if I were you. It looks like that commenter just quoted from the first google search result for "new pottery lead". Maybe it's true.

    The only way to really know would be to test each non-food item for lead. Consider that there have been some recent significant lead problems discovered with imported pottery intended for food from Mexico and China. Those were caught because since they're intended for food, scientists and regulators are testing them. There is not much routine testing on non-food items -- remember, many of these items are being imported from China, Mexico, or other countries without strict regulation -- so it's anyone's guess until a test is performed.

  4. I was careful, I promise. (: I am Baker is a pretty popular baking blog, and she's been at it much longer than I have. She made these cake-in-a-pot cakes for her children to give to their Sunday School teachers, so I'm pretty sure that she was positive they were safe before she gave them away as gifts. She's a much more expreienced baker than I am, so if she thinks it's safe, then I think it's safe. (:

  5. Good points all the way around. I really like your creativity and the mini-cupcakes look totally yummy! Keep it up and keep baking, blogging and experimenting!

  6. Well, it all looks gorgeous! I have heard of people doing this before, so hopefully it's safe. Wonderful post!

  7. I had some of it - very good and the cake in the pot was not dry or anything. The only problem I have is my back hurts, but that isn't from the cake :)