Oreo Surprise Cake

I got the idea for this cake from I Am Baker's Oreo Heath Cake.  My cake obviously looks nothing like her's, but it was the inside of the cake that I really wanted to try.

I'm still working on my piping.  I decided to use some white chocolate chips that we had in the freezer to help decorate this cake.

I was really excited to try this.  The moment I saw I Am Baker's cake, I knew that we had some Oreos in the freezer and my mom bought cake and icing the other day when she went to the store.  (I don't even have to ask her to buy it for me anymore, she just buys it.)

Okay, so here it is! Oreo Surprise Cake!


This cake was really good.  Like, really good.  Just the cake part by itself without the icing.  And that's saying a lot because I love icing.  Looove it.

It was extremely easy too.  I just microwaved some Oreos for about 20 seconds to make them slightly soft, and then chopped them into pieces.  I cut most of them into 6 pieces and some into 4 so it would have big Oreo chunks. 

As the cake baked, the Oreos got kind of light and fluffy, like the actual cake.  But after the cake sat for a little while, the Oreos got a little bit harder, but not really.  It's hard to describe, but it's yummy, so who cares!

Mmmmm. (:

I will most definitely be making this cake again.

Since it's summer and everyone is trying to get their bikini body, my mom and I have decided that she's taking this cake to work tomorrow so it won't sit in our kitchen taunting us.  I'm planning on baking a lot this summer, so I'm glad we came up with a place to take everything so we don't eat it all. 

So, Birmingham Business Journal employees, you're welcome. (:


  1. this was the best tasting cake ever!

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! thank you for this cake....and my tummy thanks you as well! please feel free to accept my request to make this for my birthday in December! =)

  3. That looks really yummy! We've been working really hard at my office too lately.