A Couple of Cakes

Has it been a while or what?

I have been so busy lately with homework and hunting for summer jobs.  Luckily, I have slightly more free time than usual, so I can show you the cakes I made over spring break!  Which was almost two weeks ago.

The first cake I made was for a family get-together.  My aunt was visiting from New York (Que Alicia Keys and Jay-Z song), so I decided to make a cake.
This is just a white cake with chocolate icing and white decorations.  Nothing fancy.  I sort of just messed around with the decorations and didn't have any specific design in mind when I started.

The second cake I made was a mini-wedding cake!  My mom had these mini-wedding cake pans that I didn't know we had, so I had to use them.

This is when I decided that I'm definitely having a funfetti wedding cake. (:

There was a lot of batter left over from the mini-wedding cake, so I made cupcakes!

Again, nothin fancy.  But I still think they're cute. :D

Well, that was really short, but I wanted to update this blog since I haven't in a while.  I already have some stuff for another post, though!


  1. I didn't get to eat any of these :( since I had the flu. You'll have to make me one since they look scrumptious.

  2. That chocolate cake was delicious and dazzling! I hated to go back north without having my chocolate cake dessert at night and for breakfast with my coffee! Oatmeal for breakfast became so boring after that.

  3. And I got a photo of you with the chocolate one! If you don't mind, I'm planning a Collegiate Baker scrapbook page.