Oreo Filled Hershey Kisses

Yes, it is as good as it looks.

I got the recipe here! Bakerella.com is one of my favorite cooking blogs/websites.  Probably because she mostly bakes dessert foods, like me!

You don't need much to make these.  Just a package of oreos, cream cheese, and some chocolate to melt.  The hardest part of making these was definitely crushing up all the oreos.  If I was at home, it would have been much easier.  When my mom and I make dirt pudding, we put a package of oreos in a couple of the bigger ziplock bags and beat it with this stick thing.  I don't know what it's called.  It's kind of like a knife, but instead of having a blade, it's just a long stick.  And we do that outside on the back porch because it's kind of loud. 

So I just crushed them up in a big bowl with a spoon.  It took fooooorever.  (Afterward, one of my friends reminded me that I have a hammer.)

After that, I mixed in a package of cream cheese.  It's hard to describe the texture of the oreo/cream cheese mixture.  But I scooped it out and rolled it into little ball about an inch tall.  Then I put them in the refridgerator over night.

The next day, I shaped them to look like hershey kisses.  Putting them in the refridgerator over night or in the freezer for a little while makes them a little harder so they're easier to shape. 

Next, I melted some chocolate in a glass bowl by microwaving it.  I dropped each oreo kiss in the chocolate and sort of moved it around with a spoon to make sure it got completely covered with chocolate.  Then I scopped it out with a spoon and tapped the spoon on the edge of the bowl a couple times to get rid of any extra chocolate.  After that, I carefully slid it onto a cookie sheet with wax paper on it. 

Then all you have to do is wrap them in foil and add the little paper slips!

I made these on a Friday/Saturday and they were all gone on Monday. (: